What is Grace to the Nation

Grace to the Nation is a platform with an aim and an agenda to prioritize godliness in a God-given world by making God to be known, advocating God to be loved, and exhorting God to be served. With the explicit problem of sin in our world, what is the cure? Well, education has been tried, acquiring of materials has been tried, and entertainment has been tried!!! However, all prove to fail and leave our inner man unsatisfied and without hope. This is so because every other thing that man holds dear to is but creature like he is. Another creature cannot nor never complete and satisfy the inner man or our soul. Only the Creator, the owner of the creature can make his creature whole. Thus, only God is the solution to our many problems. We get to know, love, and serve this God through Jesus Christ. This Jesus is the Saviour of the world from their problem of sin (Acts 4:12), and ultimately from their problem of enmity with God whom they daily provoke to wrath(Romans 1:18). In Jesus is the life of man, and whoever would receive him as Saviour and Lord, the light of life shall come into him and make him a child of God (John 1:1-18). In short, this is God restoring man to be how they were created to be. Is this not grace? Is this not what our nation needs? Oh, this is grace! This is what our nation needs! This is Grace to the Nation.

Compelled by love for God and fellow man, Grace to the Nation is educating every mind to be God-centred, Christ-centred & Gospel-centred; influencing every heart to have a heart bit for God; and instructing every hand to work biblically until Christ the Saviour and Great Shepherd returns.

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