Why read The Pilgrims Progress by John Bunyan

The picture of the Christian life is here before us clearly chalked and sketched beyond any imagination. While John was in prison and having all the time to his advantage he wrote this piece of art to show the Christian life both from his own experience and also from his knowledge of the Scriptures. The reality of all of life is that total destruction is coming upon the entire world because man in his sin has rejected God. Thus, all men are under the sentence of death, and hell awaits all. But God in his precious grace and mercies shows kindness according to his own goodness to rescue some from the coming destruction. This is portrayed by Christian in the story. As he reads the bible, God convicts him of his sin and helps him see his need for a Saviour. Thus, by the help of a preacher Christian is directed to the road that leads to eternal life which is to go to Jesus the Son of God and Saviour. The Christian journey then begins upon accepting Christ as our Lord and Saviour. The road to the Heavenly City that we are called to is not determined by us but by the Lord himself, and also it is he who guides us until we arrive there safe. There are joyous moments on the journey and there are sorrowful moments too, and because of the sinful nature that is still in us we are still inclined to fall by its desires. But we are to take courage in the Lord for he alone is our help. As we are on the journey to the Heavenly City with us is the Holy Spirit, Holy Scriptures, and holy brethren to help us stay on the narrow road. And what a glorious welcome that awaits us all when the journey ends and are received into the Celestial City. 

O friends, words are not enough to explain this treasure before us. It is a blessing from the Most High through his servant John Bunyan. This is a must read for all Christian, especially those of you who desire to live a holy life in this world that is but in few moment perishing away. John gives the full glimpse of the Christian life without any bias, pointing out both happy and sad moments that befall all Christians. Are you a new convert? Take and read this treasure to direct you of the coarse that you are about to take before simple mistakes take their lot on you. Are you a backslidden Christian? Take and read this rich treasure that will awaken you from your slumber. Are you a strong and mature Christian? Take and read this glorious treasure that is of edification to your soul. Finally, are you a non-Christian? Take and read this precious treasure that will save your soul eternally.

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