Our daily prayer (from Spurgeon’s Prayer book)

Oh Lord make us to love Christ intensely, to love the souls of men most heartily, to love Thy truth with earnestness, to love the name of Jesus above everything. May we be ravished with the sound of it. Oh Lord give us to have every grace,not only love, but faith, and hope, and holy gentle-ness, meekness, patience, brotherly love. Build us up, we pray Thee, Lord, in all knowledge, and in all experience, and give us with this submission to Thy will, holy resignation, great watchfulness, much carefulness in our speech, that we may rule the tongue, and so rule the whole body. The Lord pour out His Spirit upon us that every chamber of our nature may be sweetened and perfumed with the indwelling of God, till our imagination shall only delight in things chaste and pure; till our memory shall cast out the vile stuff from the dark chambers; till we shall expect and long for heavenly things, and our treasure shall all be in heaven and our heart be there. Take our highest manhood, Lord, and saturate it in Thy love, till like Gideon’s fleece it is filled with dew, every lock and every single fleck of it, not a single portion of it left unmoistened by the dew from heaven. How we do bless Thee for many that are striving to walk as Christ walked, and who are also trying to bring others to Christ. Oh Lord help us in this struggle after holiness and usefulness; and as Thou hast given to many the desire of their hearts in this respect up to a certain measure; now enlarge their hearts, and give them more both of holiness and usefulness. Oh! give us to be like trees planted by the rivers of water, that we our-selves may be vigorous, and then give us to bring forth abundant fruit according to our season, to the praise and glory of God.

And all God’s people say Amen and Amen

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