Prayer reflection from Spurgeons Prayer Book

Lord, make us useful. Oh! let no believer liveto himself. May we be trying to bring others to Christ. May our servants, and work-people, and neighbours all know where we live; and if they do not understand the secret of that life, yet may they see the fruit of that life, and may they ask,”What is this?” and enquire their way to Christ that they may be sanctified too. O Lord, we pray Thee visit Thy Church. May none of us imagine that we are living aright unless we are bringing others to the cross. Oh! keep us from worldliness; keep us much in prayer; keep us with the light of God shining on our forehead. May we bea happy people, not because screened from affliction, but because we are walking in the light of God. Again we offer prayer for the many efforts thatare scattered abroad today. May they be good wherever they are. We pray for all churches; Lord, revive them all. Wherever Christ is preached, may it be proved that He draws all men unto Him. May the preaching of Christ today be peculiarly efficacious. Oh! that Thou wouldst raise up many that would preach Christ, simply, boldly, and with the Holy Ghost sent down from heaven. Send us better days; send us days of refreshing from the presence of the Lord.

And even so Lord Jesus come, come quickly, Amen

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