Just let the Spirit lead

Within religious circles it is not accidental to hear statements such as, ‘just let the spirit led', or ‘do not force your doctrine and any form of teaching, let us just be led by the spirit’. And in other words, ‘only the leading of the spirit is important, so just listen to what the spirit … Continue reading Just let the Spirit lead

The Deeper Worst Problem Behind the Call to Legalize Abortion in Namibia

Legalizing abortion will not make it right. The main cause of abortion, of the factors that leads to abortion and of the call to legalize abortion is the rejection of God and of His perfect Word. Therefore, true solution to this problem should begin with repentance from sin and faith in the Savior and Lord Jesus Christ by the guidance of God’s Word. Abortion must be avoided as much as possible because primarily it is a sin against God, and because legalizing it creates many problems rather than providing a real solution.

Thoughts on the 21st century and it’s seemly unsolvable chaos

Thinking through the busy and impersonal culture of our time, one often wonders on what possibly went wrong. Our times are characterized by people having multitudes of seemingly unsolvable problems.. Even the Church and the Christian respectively is caught in this chaos. What possibly went wrong? Here are some thoughts (few of the thoughts have … Continue reading Thoughts on the 21st century and it’s seemly unsolvable chaos

Seven Facts about being Born Again

The necessity and implications of being Born-Again Introduction It is often interesting to notice a confusion about something that is clearly explained! Such is the case with the topic of being born again. And disagreements are often the by-products.Yet this subject is of critical importance, for our salvation is totally depended upon it. In this … Continue reading Seven Facts about being Born Again

The idea of a ‘God’ has radical implications to your life

The existence of God is something indisputable. As Africans without any shadow of doubt we see the evidence of God in the creation order. Besides some who due to their small learning begin to reject the existence God, for the majority it is not so. All are in agreement with the psalmist when he says, … Continue reading The idea of a ‘God’ has radical implications to your life