Happy 2021

2021, the year that most of us, if not all of us have been looking forward to is here. The year of new beginnings and new resolution. The year of hope and lessons from 2020. As we enter this new year (2021), I would like us to reflect and ponder on our plans deeply and … Continue reading Happy 2021

The Deeper Worst Problem Behind the Call to Legalize Abortion in Namibia

Legalizing abortion will not make it right. The main cause of abortion, of the factors that leads to abortion and of the call to legalize abortion is the rejection of God and of His perfect Word. Therefore, true solution to this problem should begin with repentance from sin and faith in the Savior and Lord Jesus Christ by the guidance of God’s Word. Abortion must be avoided as much as possible because primarily it is a sin against God, and because legalizing it creates many problems rather than providing a real solution.

Thoughts on the 21st century and it’s seemly unsolvable chaos

Thinking through the busy and impersonal culture of our time, one often wonders on what possibly went wrong. Our times are characterized by people having multitudes of seemingly unsolvable problems.. Even the Church and the Christian respectively is caught in this chaos. What possibly went wrong? Here are some thoughts (few of the thoughts have … Continue reading Thoughts on the 21st century and it’s seemly unsolvable chaos