Thoughts on the 21st century and it’s seemly unsolvable chaos

Thinking through the busy and impersonal culture of our time, one often wonders on what possibly went wrong. Our times are characterized by people having multitudes of seemingly unsolvable problems.. Even the Church and the Christian respectively is caught in this chaos. What possibly went wrong? Here are some thoughts (few of the thoughts have … Continue reading Thoughts on the 21st century and it’s seemly unsolvable chaos

The Lord Jesus Christ Is the Sovereign Reigning King

As we labour in the strength of the Lord to fulfill the Great Commission in the midst of oppositions and many other challenges of this world (Colossians 1:29), let us always remember that Christ who has commissioned us to make people of all nations his disciples is the sovereign reigning King of the entire universe; he is in charge of the entire creation, and he is over all kings and all authorities of this world. And in addition, he is always with us as he has promised (Mathew 28:18-20).

Biblically, What Is True Obedience?

Although obedience is very important, most people do not obey God, nor do they understand what true obedience is. And even many (both Christians and non-Christians) of those who claim to be obedient are disobedient. One of the things that cause disobedient people to believe that they are obedience is a lack of understanding for true (biblical) obedience. Many have defined obedience in the way that suits their own moral standard rather than fitting God’s standard.

A closer look at the significance of Easter

Every year this time of the month is the celebration of Easter. Everyone knows it and everyone expects it. But the unanswered question is, do we really understand the significance of Easter or has the idea of ‘Easter Bunnies’ stolen every significance? In this combined article, we want to highlight on the significance of the … Continue reading A closer look at the significance of Easter