Please consider disciplining yourself to be Godly!

Dear Christian, YOUR NEED TO BE GODLY, BEING LIKE JESUS CHRIST YOUR SEVIOR AND LORD! You are not your own, meaning, you are created and saved by God and for God. Therefore, your entire self together with all that God has given you must be used for the pleasure of God. Thus, you are to orient … Continue reading Please consider disciplining yourself to be Godly!

Biblically, What Is True Obedience?

Although obedience is very important, most people do not obey God, nor do they understand what true obedience is. And even many (both Christians and non-Christians) of those who claim to be obedient are disobedient. One of the things that cause disobedient people to believe that they are obedience is a lack of understanding for true (biblical) obedience. Many have defined obedience in the way that suits their own moral standard rather than fitting God’s standard.

Living transparent before God and Man

Introduction It was on a Tuesday morning, in the orientation class at seminary, the vice chancellor was teaching about honesty, one of the values that are hardly put to practice by Christians and non Christians. As I was seated there listening, he made a point that really struck me, which was both an eye opener and threatening. … Continue reading Living transparent before God and Man