Is God really good!

Introduction On a beautiful Sunday morning, as you walk through a place of meeting you hear the sound of birds, drum beats, hands clapping and electric instruments, then the famous statement, “God is good” says the convener, and the congregation will normally respond, “all the time! and all the time God is good,” This is … Continue reading Is God really good!

Five lies my culture taught me about Sex

Introduction As someone said “if a lie is told consistently people eventually end up believing it.” This statement is very true about what my culture taught me about sex. There were certain lies about sex that were repeated and made popular and they really do influence how people view sex. In this article I want … Continue reading Five lies my culture taught me about Sex

Worldliness and Young Evangelicals

Introduction You are probably wondering what I mean by the title, well in the phrase “young Evangelicals” I am basically referring to Bible-believing young adult Christians and particularly who are in good Bible-believing churches. This generation of evangelical young adults is very much consumed with the things of this world and we lose sight of … Continue reading Worldliness and Young Evangelicals