A home for and of God

Introduction What does God want us to do for him? In other words, what is our purpose of being here? Why are we here? These are good questions for us to answer for they help us reorient our minds and know what should be a priority and what should come secondarily. To think of it, … Continue reading A home for and of God

Worldliness and Young Evangelicals

Introduction You are probably wondering what I mean by the title, well in the phrase “young Evangelicals” I am basically referring to Bible-believing young adult Christians and particularly who are in good Bible-believing churches. This generation of evangelical young adults is very much consumed with the things of this world and we lose sight of … Continue reading Worldliness and Young Evangelicals

Biblically, What Is True Obedience?

Although obedience is very important, most people do not obey God, nor do they understand what true obedience is. And even many (both Christians and non-Christians) of those who claim to be obedient are disobedient. One of the things that cause disobedient people to believe that they are obedience is a lack of understanding for true (biblical) obedience. Many have defined obedience in the way that suits their own moral standard rather than fitting God’s standard.

Seven Facts about being Born Again

The necessity and implications of being Born-Again Introduction It is often interesting to notice a confusion about something that is clearly explained! Such is the case with the topic of being born again. And disagreements are often the by-products.Yet this subject is of critical importance, for our salvation is totally depended upon it. In this … Continue reading Seven Facts about being Born Again

Living transparent before God and Man

Introduction It was on a Tuesday morning, in the orientation class at seminary, the vice chancellor was teaching about honesty, one of the values that are hardly put to practice by Christians and non Christians. As I was seated there listening, he made a point that really struck me, which was both an eye opener and threatening. … Continue reading Living transparent before God and Man